Subsonication 035

Episode 035 of Subsonication: mark5 is back from the holidays with some hardcore Subsonication to kick off 2016!

HTIDUSA coverage playlist:

the fourth secret studio session:

the fourth secret studio session on Soundcloud:

EDN Facebook page:

mark5’s set at Adventure Island2:

This is the audio recording of the episode for listening on the road.  View the video recording at: However, the Youtube bots aggressively muted this video due to my playing a certain remix during the show. You really need to download this podcast episode to listen to what it might have been. Also, I will probably never play that remix on the show ever again because of the Youtube bots. 😉

To catch the next live show, watch for the show link on mark5’s Facebook fan page ( or on the Electronic DJ Network’s youtube channel ( The show is recorded live on Thursday evenings at 7PM US Eastern Time (GMT – 5).

Download Subsonication 035

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